Public Relations and Media Department

  We at the King Abdulaziz University Public Relations and Media Department would like to introduce ourselves and welcome you to King Abdulaziz University. Our office is responsible for ensuring that communications involving all parts of the University – faculties, departments and students – take place in a professional and salutary manner. This includes not only communication with the media but a range of communications within the University itself. Our job is to make sure that King Abdulaziz University and its programs and accomplishments are made known to the world at large.

 We welcome you to the oldest public university in Saudi Arabia and pledge to be at your service whenever you need us. We invite you to submit any proposals or suggestions regarding our communications activities. We assure you that all communications will be taken into serious consideration. Our goal is to deliver the best services possible to all who utilize the Public Relations and Media Department. To successfully achieve that goal, we are pleased to receive observations, comments, and suggestions from all our stakeholders, including students, professors, administrators, and the community that we serve outside the walls of King Abdulaziz University.