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King Abdulaziz University students represent one of the most critical pillars on which society relies to build the future and interact with intellectual, scientific, cultural, economic, and social changes, adapt to these changes, and lay the foundations for renaissance and sustainable development. As the university's students are the leading partner of King Abdulaziz University and its future investments, therefore, King Abdulaziz University harnesses all the efforts and capabilities available to it to serve its students. King Abdulaziz University has become one of the leading institutions of higher education at the local and regional levels, where educational programs prepare graduates to practice various professions that are in line with the modern academic requirements of society. It  is achieved through a methodology that guarantees an exceptional journey for its students that begins with enrollment at the university and throughout their years of study and extends after their graduation.

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Student Clubs


The proportion of students with disabilities enrolled in university to the total number of students with disabilities in the Kingdom.

The number of beneficiaries of housing services (male and female)


The number of students receiving local and international awards.

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