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Don’t include any confidential personal content when replying to email messages.

Keep on updating your address book in order to contact colleagues and clients easily.

Spellchecker,It is easy to use spell check while writing messages in university email.

How to Use the forward feature?

When to use forword feature instead of reply?

Creating a template to reply(Canned responses)

Categorizing your messages automatically by creating filters.

Write the subject of your email message.

Read your message a several times before sending it.

Think about the reaction of your recipient when they read your message.

Do not use email for illegal or immoral purposes.

When in doubt, save the message and read it later before sending.

Do not rely on the privacy of email and make sure to use the controls and regulations of using email.

Enclose your email with your signature and contact information.

It is preferable to create more than one personal signature form in the mail.

Make sure to clear deleted items or spam from your email folders

Use the colored star feature to distinguish and classify your messages.

Separate personal emails from work emails by using labels and filters.

Set up an Out of Office Auto Reply or Vacation Responder in your KAU Email.

Check your inbox regularly and use filters to sort and organize incoming messages.

Sort your inbox into: Default, Important first, Unread first, Starred first or Priority Inbox.

Mark your emails as important or not important.

Your KAU Email must be used for all professional correspondence and university circulations.

You can upload and share files with unlimited storage capacity using the Drive in your KAU Email. Activate it now.

How can you stop an unwanted KAU email from reaching its recipient?

Create tasks and to-do lists in KAU Email.

Messages in your inbox are sorted into categories to help you sort your emails.

Creating filters for unimportant or annoying messages

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