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Kau email Calender:

Is an application that runs on the Internet and there is no need to install any software on the device. By Kau email Calendar can arrange appointments and manage different tasks in an easy, fast and this application, like the rest of the other applications provided by Kau email, which combines simplicity and sophistication .

Calendar properties:

  • View and add events to your calendar at any time and any place without the need for Install any program.
  • Alarm through several means (e-mail - SMS - a pop-up window).
  • Support many languages led by the Arabic language.
  • Import and export of events and tasks to and from Microsoft Outlook and iCalendar.
  • Hijri Calendar can be used as a secondary calendar within your account.
  • Calendar sharing with colleagues or share some interests.
  • The possibility of keeping calendar in PDF format.

How to use the Calendar service:

Log on to you Kau email and select Calendar from the above list:

After registering you will be entered for the Calendar interface and is divided into several parts:

  1. An agenda for easy access for a particular day once the pressure on a given day are reviewed in the calendar.
  2. Dedicated to the creation of more than calendar (for example, a special calendar deadlines and dates of personal business events and a calendar of official holidays and other) so that you can organize the agenda according to their quality, and display more than one calendar at the same time.
  3. Displays the date at which stands next to the buttons to move forward or backward or refer to the day.
  4. This is the basic part and that is to review all of your appointments, your business and would like it, and is divided horizontally and vertically days to hours.
  5. A variety of options for the calendar view can display only one day or a week or a whole month or so.

To create an event and the work of an alert reminder of the deadline:

  • Select Create :
  • Start entering event data:
    1. Write the title of the event.
    2. Specify the date and time of the event.
    3. Written description of the event place and according to the event calendar and attachments when needed
    4. Choose the color of the event.
    5. Choose the type of reminder (pop-up window - SMS – Email).
    6. Choice of the situation and the privacy of the event.
    7. Invite others via e-mail.

  • To create a recurring event:
  • We note that the event was repeated in the calendar (we choose the weekly report so that it appears to have been repeat event):
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