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Email Naming Policy

The Deanship of Information Technology adopts a special policy for naming the e-mail and configuring the University Mail address for the staff members, as follows:

  • For university faculty members :
    The email address consists of the first character of the person's name and the entire family name, but if more than one person has the same label this is what happens:
    The first character of the father or grandfather’s name is added with a serial number.
    For example: two people the first one with the name Saleh Husain AlZahrani,
    He will be given the email Salzahrani@kau.edu.sa.
    The other with the name Salman Majed Alzahrani,
    He will be given the email : Salzahrani2@kau.edu.sa or Smalzahrani@kau.edu.sa.
  • For official email accounts of the sectors :
    The postal code consists of two or more parts separated with "dash", the first part represents the name of the college or sector, while the second part represents the dean, vice dean or any subsection. The third section represents the name of the Committee... etc.
    As an example: this is the Vice dean’s email For Higher studies and Scientific Research at the Faculty of Engineering :
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Last Update 11/22/2020 11:11:35 AM