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Recommended rules when your choice for your password:

  • That the password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols (uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers).
  • Be not less than the minimum password length of 9 boxes.
  • Use the introductory letters and small letters (foreign language) alike luv2laf instead of love to laugh.
  • Select a brief unique label.
  • Do not make your password all numbers, or all capital letters or characters are all characters is introductory.

Things you should avoid when choosing your password:

  • That does not include the user name, password or any part thereof.
  • The password cannot be subject to guess or a word from the dictionary (English or other languages other).
  • Do not use a password used as an example on how to choose a good password.
  • Do not repeat characters (such as: PB 11).
  • Do not make your password all numbers, or all capital letters or characters are all characters is introductory.
  • Do not use consecutive letters on the keyboard (such as asdf, Basc) or consecutive numbers (1234).
  • Do not use words or abbreviations can be found in a dictionary.
  • Do not use a password containing personal information (name, date of birth, etc.).

Tips to keep your password secure:

  • Do not tell anyone your password at all.
  • Not recorded in any password document, Paljoal or observations, and so on.
  • Do not send your password never through any electronic message.
  • Do not save the password via the browser automatically.
  • Periodically tested the current password and other during each year at least twice.
  • Do not write the password at all, even if it seemed a random password for others, the thought of a way to remember so that you do not have to be written.
  • Must act immediately to change the password in the event of a any doubt Bankhaffha.
  • Do not use the password for your email or important personal information in any other site in order to be safe in terms of whether this site was hacked or roasted.

Tips to Protect E-mail:

  • Use the permanent and regular viruses Mkafah and spyware on your PC or computer on which you to browse your email, and remove malware and viruses from the computer immediately.
  • Download the new version of the browser on the Web sites you use, such as IE and FireFox activating the automatic renewal feature, and known to be in Google Chrome is the new version and developed spontaneously when opening the browser.
  • Always tried to know the new educational programs of KAU Email to protect your e-mail .
  • Do not open attachments if there is not to describe or explain the quality of the attached file, or you do not know the sender of the person.
  • Please beware of messages that threaten to close the email after 24 hours, or by asking you to update your details, they are fake messages and their purpose is to steal your email address, please delete it and do not give it any attention.
  • Always log out of your email on any device operating it, especially if you are in a non-computer device.
  • Do not respond to messages that brings you the purpose of propaganda or that invites you to pornographic sites, for example, this mail show them that he is still in use and causes to more harassment.

Tips to make sure the e-mail security settings:

  • Check your account regularly to verify the absence of unusual activity or suspicious, click on the link "details" maximum bottom of the page to find the latest IP address access to email him, and its associated sites. If you noticed a suspicious activity on your account, please feel free to change the password immediately and sign out of your account:
  • Reaction warning from entering the property one last e-mail on KAU Email : click on Settings then Account and activate the property of "Mark conversation as read when opened by others"
  • Try to change on a regular basis your data correct for Second e-mail and security question for your account profile, so that they are always in your memory so you do not lose obtained when you forget the password or data. Always try to use the answer to the security question that is not hard for you but difficult guess from others.
  • Adjust the level of spam filtering.
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