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Mail service provider at King Abdulaziz University is Gmail from Google Inc. and is a PO Box is characterized by extremely extravaganza features, precision and flexibility can surf the university through the mail web page (the university) or down on the device program such as Outlook Express..

Gmail features:

  • Unlimited storage capacity .
  • Allow attach files sized amount to 25 MB.
  • Encrypt messages to increase the reliability and privacy.
  • The possibility of reporting spam (SPAM).
  • Providing mobile service reminder letters to calendar events.
  • The possibility of converting messages from any account external to the university e-mail account and vice versa.
  • Send free text messages on mobile via mail.
  • The ability to translate messages into the mail.
  • The possibility to undo send the message.
  • Import and export contacts and synchronize them.
  • Use Google Tasks to follow the things that you need to implement them.
  • Possibility of arranging messages within rankings.
  • Possibility while filtering up to you inbox.
  • Access to browse the mail without an Internet connection and property is enabling offline settings.
  • Provide service between the shared address book Researches so you do not need to remember a fully-mail address.
  • Chat within the mail you do not need an external program of talks, but all your contacts in the mail you can talk to them in writing, sound and image.
  • Google Scholar helps to identify the most relevant scientific research in the field of search.

There are also many other different features which are updated on an ongoing basis and in addition to new every day.

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Last Update 4/17/2018 11:48:18 AM