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The best practices that should be concedered for e-mail in order to maintain privacy and optimize the use of the service are as follows:

  1. Should use all information assets for business purposes only, and to serve the interests of the university in the normal course of operations.
  2. All users show good appreciation in respect of reasonably personal use.
  3. To all users not to participate in any illegal activities such as : logging into asset to unauthorized access to, penetration, or causes computer fault or viruses, or perform actions that would cause disable the use of the assets.
  4. All employees understand their responsibilities regarding the protection of all assets owned by the King Abdul Aziz University and / or those that are in its custody.
  5. You should not use the information processing facilities for purposes not related to work. In the case of the discovery of any operations gimmick, it will be handled and disciplinary proceedings.
  6. Should not transfer personal information or inform any other items.
  7. Users are not allowed, under any circumstances, the exchange of user names and passwords with each other.
  8. Must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your user name and password to the system, and that is allocated and used safely.
  9. All university employees abide by the following rules as a reference to them when choosing their passwords:
    • Be not less than the minimum password length (6) letters or symbols
    • That the password is composed of letters, numbers and symbols (uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers).
    • That does not include the user name, password or any part thereof.
    • That the password cannot be subject to guess or a word from the dictionary (English or other languages other).
    • Have to change your password every 120 days.
  10. Must act immediately to change the password in the event of a any doubt of discovering the password by any other person and inform the Director of Administration responsible of it.
  11. Allows network users to the electronic benefit from the University all electronic services with a view to benefit from them to serve the objectives of official business of the administrative, academic and research institutions and community service.
  12. Prevents the use of the university network for the following purposes:
    • Send or download malicious messages or pictures or content-threatening or whatever resemble it.
    • Access to or upload or download, store information or pictures and pornographic sites.
    • Download or install the software is not legally licensed.
    • Download or use of information or material protected by intellectual protection systems.
  13. May not use the services of the university e-mail at:
    • Commercial activities, what has not been issued about the approval of the competent authorities at the university.
    • Illegal activities and punishable by the system .
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