University Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs

   Supporting the educational Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs's sectors such as colleges and deanships in providing educational services that guarantee excellence and development of university outcomes in the labor market.

   Increasing the competitiveness of KAU's graduates in the labor market.

   Developing the institutional performance within the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs's sectors to ensure the effectiveness of educational and administrative services aiding the development of teaching and learning.

   Implementation of the university strategy in the areas of effective teaching and learning as well as and following-up the strategic implementation of the (45) initiatives focusing on this track.

   Developing curricula, student services and teaching techniques in order to achieve the university's objectives in the field of education, e-learning and national transformation.

   Ensure the application of the Vice Presidency of Academic Affairs' Educational Model by all colleges and institutes to ensure the excellence of educational outcomes.

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Last Update 12/31/2019 9:32:30 AM