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Analysis of NOORI Nasta’leeq for MAJOR Pakistani Languages
تحليل نظام الكتابة " NOORI Nasta’leeq " للغات الباكستانية الرئيسية
Subject : Scripts, writing systems, Nasta’leeq, Pakistani langauges 
Document Language : English 
Abstract : Nasta’leeq is a bidirectional, diagonal, non-monotonic, cursive, highly context-sensitive and very complex writing style for languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Balochi and Kashmiri. Each is written in a variant of the Perso-Arabic script. The style is characterized by well-formed orthographic rules that are passed down from generation to generation of calligraphers and old manuscripts. It is present in calligraphic arts and printed materials of the present, but orthographic rules have not been quantitatively analyzed in detail for the above-mentioned languages. This paper first presents the salient features of the Perso-Arabic script and briefly introduces its different writing styles. It also briefly discusses alphabets of major Pakistani languages. Finally, it gives the quantitative analysis of Nasta’leeq and explains its context-sensitive behavior with respect to Pakistani languages, knowing that it is equally true for Arabic, Persian and other languages written in derivations of the Perso-Arabic script. Finally, it discusses the Context-Sensitive Substitution Grammar of Nasta’leeq, a computational model of Nasta’leeq. 
Conference Name : 2nd Workshop on Spoken Language Technology for Under-resourced Languages (SLTU), May 2010, Penang, Malaysia 
Duration : From : 00 AH - To : 00 AH
From : 00 AD - To : 00 AD
Publishing Year : 1431 AH
2010 AD
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Article Type : Article 
Conference Place : Penang, Malaysia 
Added Date : Wednesday, June 27, 2012 


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محمد غلام مالكMalik, Muhammad GhulamInvestigator mgmalik@kau.edu.sa
Christian BoitetBoitet, Christian Researcher Christian.Boitet@imag.fr
Pushpak BhattcharyyaBhattcharyya, Pushpak Researcher pb@cse.iitb.ac.in


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