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The Development and Implementation of School Governance Policy in the South African Schools Act and the Western Cape Provincial School Education Act.
تطوير وتنفيذ سياسة الحكم مدرسة في قانون جنوب افريقيا المدارس ومقاطعة الكاب الغربية قانون التعليم المدرسي
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Abstract : The South African Schools Bill (1996) was published to elicit response from stakeholders and role players. The aims of this study were to investigate the nature of the contestations and to ascertain whether these contestations had a significant effect on the policy makers and the Act which was eventually passed. The main issues within the South African Schools Bill which were regarded as problematic were: school fees, the employment of additional staff, and admission and language policies. The contestations regarding the Bill were multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. However, there was only one significant amendment to the original proposal. This suggests that the South African Schools Act of 1996 was not a bargained outcome which is characteristic of the Contextual Model of policy development. Instead, the Model of Policy Formulation that was used was the Linear Model which views policy-making as essentially ‘top-down’, and fails to take cognisance of ‘street-level’ and other actors. The actual investigation spanned a 6-year period at various locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. 
Publishing Year : 1417 AH
1996 AD
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