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Impact of E-commerce on Business Values in Service Organisations
تأثير التجارة الالكترونية على قيم منظمات الأعمال في الخدمة
Subject : E-commerce 
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Abstract : The thesis deals with the study of “The Impact of Electronic Commerce on Business Value in Service Organisations”. Though the scope of the study extends to many service organisations, emphasis has been laid down on the study Banking, Finance, Insurance, Entertainment, Education, Software, Consultancy, Electronic Commerce Solution and Telecommunication organisations. Electronic Commerce refers to all value transactions involving the transfer of information, products and services or payments via electronic networks. Electronic Commerce is recently a new mode of conducting business and its history can be traced back to1960s. When organisations redefine the products, processes and business models using technology to change the ways products are conceived, marketed, delivered it is said to have derived the business value. The main components of Business Value are Product Promotion, New Sales Channel, Direct Saving, Time to Market, Customer Service, Brand Image, Customer Relationship, Technology and Laboratory Learning, New Product Capabilities and New Business Models. Through this study, area of interest has been explored after an extensive literature review which shows that no research have been conducted before on this aspect of The Impact of Electronic Commerce on Business Value in Service Organisations. 
Publishing Year : 1423 AH
2002 AD
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