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Assessment of Current Practices in Jeddah Northern Slaughterhouse and Ways of Its Development through Application of HACCP System
تقييم الممارسات الحالية في مسلخ جدة الشمالي، وسبل تطويره من خلال تطبيق نظام تحليل المخاطر لنقاط التحكم الحرجة
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Abstract : Abstract. This study was conducted to assess the technical specifications, and hygienic practices applied in Jeddah northern slaughterhouse, to evaluate microbial contamination for all stages of slaughtering process, and to study the possibility of rehabilitation of the slaughterhouse for the application of HACCP system and to identify the points of weakness that prevent the application of the system in the slaughterhouse. The assessment of slaughterhouse showed that the percentage of the total score of application of GHP is 63% reflecting medium hazard which directly affects the hygienic quality and microbiological specifications of the produced meat. On the other hand, the evaluation of some other practices such as cleaning and disinfection and all practices carried out prior to slaughter reflects high-hazard, because these were not conducted according to the GHP requirements which may affect both the quality and safety of the produced meat. Assessment of the technical requirements showed poor maintenance in all sections specially the walls, floors, roofs and cooling rooms. Also, the obtained results showed that the risks in health practices during slaughtering and processing procedures were mainly in the skinning and final washing steps. These poor hygienic practices were evident on the high load of examined microorganisms in the produced meat. The study was also planned to determine the ways of developing slaughterhouse through application of HACCP system after identifying the prerequisites for such system. The results concluded that Jeddah northern slaughterhouse in its current status does not apply any quality or safety standards required for the production of good quality meat conform to Saudi and international specifications. Therefore, application of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system after the completion of prerequisites and training of workers and staffs is highly recommended. 
ISSN : 1319-1039 
Journal Name : Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture Sciences Journal 
Volume : 21 
Issue Number : 2 
Publishing Year : 1431 AH
2010 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Saturday, July 14, 2012 


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محمود محمد الطويلةEl Tawila, Mahmoud


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