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Micrometeorological Changes in the Haram Area at Makkah during Haj 1428H (2007G(
تغير المناخ الدقيق لمنطقة الحرم المكي الشريف بمكة المكرمة أثناء موسم حج عام 1428هـ (2007م)
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Abstract : Abstract. By studying a horizontal distribution of relative humidity of the Haram area between December 11 th and 31 st (including days before, during and after Haj period), it was found that the changes in humidity inside and outside the Haram area did not exceed 4% for the same period, while on other days the difference between inside and outside the Haram area was 1%. The reason for these differences might be referred to the natural geography of the Haram area (very dry desert nature), as well as, weather conditions (starting winter season). All the stations around Haram showed that the humidity measurements attained its highest value of 72% on both 30 th and 31 st December and with southerly winds between 1-3ms -2 , while lower values of 20% were measured on both 22 nd and 23 rd December with southerly winds between 4.5-7.5ms -2 . After analysing the air temperature measurements for the Haram area, a large difference in air temperature inside the Haram and outside area was found (2˚C). This is probably because of the extreme difference in the nature of the ground surfaces inside Haram and the area around, in addition to human activity and weather conditions. 
ISSN : 1319-1039 
Journal Name : Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture Sciences Journal 
Volume : 21 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1431 AH
2010 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Wednesday, July 11, 2012 


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عمر محمد عنبرAnbar, O


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