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Estimation of Roughness Parameters and Sensible Flux in the Hada Al-Sham Area, Makkah
تقدير عناصر الاحتكاك وفيض الحرارة المحسوسة في منطقة هدى الشام، مكة المكرمة
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Abstract : Abstract. Examples of computed roughness length oz (m) in the Hada Al-Sham were presented as: Between Jumad El-Awwal, 6th and 12 th except on 9 th , the peak value was 1.6m at 1900 h, lower values of o z were observed and remained very close to an average of 0.03m between 1100-2000 h when the wind direction was nearly SW with an average wind direction of 255º. The higher friction velocities u∗ (ms –1 ) were found in the afternoon with an average of about 0.4 ms –1 with less effect of winds. Examples of maximum values of u∗ on J. El-Awwal 9 th attained up to 0.8 ms –1 at about 1900 h, on J. El-Awwal 12 th 1.0 ms –1 at 2100 h and on J. El-Awwal 15 th 1.7 ms –1 at 1730 h. The higher friction velocity on J. El-Awwal 9 th , was probably due to the change of the wind direction from SW (~223°) which was recorded at 1900 h to westerly wind at 1930 h (275º). The maximum value of sensible heat flux was found as 1118 Wm –2 at 1400 h on J. El-Awwal 15 th . Another maximum value of H was found as 1200 Wm –2 at 1200 h on J. El-Awwal 21 th . The afternoon peak values of H were found between 550 Wm –2 and ~ 700 Wm –2 from J. El-Awwal 6 th until J. El-Awwal 13 th . 
ISSN : 1319-1039 
Journal Name : Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture Sciences Journal 
Volume : 20 
Issue Number : 2 
Publishing Year : 1430 AH
2009 AD
Article Type : Article 
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عمر محمد عنبرAnbar, O


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