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Effect of different concentrations of Red Sea water on germination and growth of some forage species
تاثير تركيزات مختلفة من مياه البحر الاحمر علي انبات ونمو بعض الاصناف العلفية
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Abstract : Sudan J. Des. Res. 1 (1): 109-124, 2009 Effect of Different Concentrations of Red Sea Water on Germination and Growth of Some Forage Species1 1 Part of a thesis submitted by the second author to the University of Khartoum in partial fulfillment of the MSc degree in Desertification. 1 Range Program coordinator at DADCSI. 2 Former Graduate Student at DADCSI Awad Osman Abusuwar1and Jamal Ahmed Abbaker2 Desertification and Desert Cultivation Studies Institute, University of Khartoum, Sudan Abstract: A study was carried out in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum to appraise the possibility of using Red Sea water mixed with fresh water on the performance of four forage species (Chloris gayana, Cyampsis tetragonoloba,, Eragrostis tef (tremula) and Sorghum bicolor). The study consisted of a laboratory experiment to test the effect of different sea water concentrations on the germination of the tested species using Petri dishes, and a second pot experiment for evaluating growth performance of the four species using the same concentrations used in the Petri dish experiment. The different sea water concentrations used were fresh water only with an EC =0.4 dsm-1(control), 1: 20 seawater /fresh water with an EC=3.095dsm-1 (level 1), 1:10 sea water/fresh water with an EC=5.54dsm-1(level 2) and 1:2.5 sea water/fresh water with an EC=16.57 dsm-1(level 3). A Randomized Complete Design (RCD) with four replications was used in both experiments. The germination test experiment showed that seeds of Sorghum bicolor and Cyamopsis tetragonoloba germinated at all levels of salinity used in the experiment, but seeds of Eragrostis tef and Chloris gayana failed to germinate at the high level of salinity having an EC=16.57 dsm-1 (level 3). The pot experiment showed that Chloris gayana and Eragrostis tef grew satisfactorily at all levels of salinity used but Sorghum bicolor was able to tolerate up to the second level (EC=5.54 dSm-1)only. However, Cyamopsis tetragonoloba failed to grow at all levels of salinity used. It was found that plant seed germination and plant growth significantly (P≤0.01) decreased with increased Sea water in the irrigation water depending on the type of plant This study open avenues for utilizing red sea water when diluted with fresh water in the production of certain forage crops in the red sea shore basin. However, further field experiments are 
ISSN : 109-124 
Journal Name : Sudan Journal of Desertification Research 
Volume : 1 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1430 AH
2009 AD
Article Type : Article 
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عوض عثمان ابو سرارAbusuwar, Awad


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