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Assessment of pollution levels in fish and water of Main Basin, lake Marriut
"تقييم مستويات التلوث في كلا من مياه وأسماك الحوض الرئيسي لبحيرة مريوط"
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Abstract : Assessment of pollution levels in fish and water of Main Basin, lake Marriut Mahmoud EL-Tawila * Mohamed H. Ramadan** Hanaa M. Amr* *Nutrition Dept., High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University **Environmental Health Dept., High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University Publisher: Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association, 2005, Vol. (80) No (1&2): 51-76 Abstract: Lake Mariut has suffered over the years from the untreated sewage, agricultural and industrial wastes dumped into it. Lake Mariut's Fish quality and quantity were adversely affected eventually being unfit for human consumption due to its bad water quality. The present study was carried out to evaluate the levels of metals of the fish caught from Mariut Lake main basin and its fitness for human consumption, and the water quality after the enforcement of the Egyptian Law for environmental protection (law 4/1994). Fish and water samples were collected form Lake Mariut's main basin through out the period from May to December 2000. The results showed that mercury was totally undetected in fish and water samples. The levels of Fe obtained were very low compared to previous ones. Fe and Cr contents in fish flesh were higher compared to their levels in water samples. Also Cu has shown a decrease in both fish and water samples. Zn and Cd contents in water samples have decreased compared with former studies however; they have not changed in fish flesh. Pb content in both fish flesh and water samples has shown a great decrease compared to previous studies. The Cd and Pb mean values in fish flesh of the present study (0.81 and 0.14mg/kg) exceeded the Egyptian Standards No 2360/1993 value (should not exceed 0.1 mg/kg for each). The results also showed that the water quality has changed compared with previous studies. BOD has increased in sites 2 (north of Main Basin), 3 (east of Main Basin), 4 (south of Main Basin), and 5 (southwest of Main Basin); and decreased in sites one (WTP effluent) and six (Kalaa Drain). There has been an increase in TSS, TVSS, and NO3 levels compared to pervious studies. There has been a decrease in TS, TDS, COD, Hardness, and chloride levels. This decrease, especially in COD, attributed to the enforcement of the Egyptian law for environmental protection. pH and alkalinity were in agreement with the values shown by previous studies except for site three which showed higher values. The study included some recommendations aiming at improving both water quality and fish of main basin. 
ISSN : 51-76 
Journal Name : Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association 
Volume : 80 
Issue Number : 1-2 
Publishing Year : 2005 AH
1425 AD
Article Type : Article 
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محمود محمد الطويلةEl tawila, Mahmoud


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