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Biological evaluation of the purified alpha-amylase inhibitor from kidney bean (Giza 133)
التقييم الحيوي لمثبط انزيم الالفا اميليز المنقي من الفاصوليا (جيزة 133)
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Abstract : ABSTRACT The biological evaluation of the purified alpha amylase inhibitor of kidney bean (Giza 133) by using rats was carried out. Results showed that all rats gained weight at different levels. Rats in control groups gained more weight (64 g), and faster than those with inhibitor. The results indicated that using 200 UI/100g diet was economically recommended. Diets supplemented with 200 UI increased BV, NPU by (16 %), and reduced starch hydrolysis. Glucose absorption in blood and serum insulin in all digestion hours, with little starch hydrolysis after 4 hours digestion noticed. The results also proved that using alpha amylase inhibitor in diet caused higher level of NEFA, reduction in the rate of forming fatty substances in subcutaneous layers in rats and consequently growing rate was reduced. 
ISSN : 40 
Journal Name : Egypt. J. Food Sci. 
Volume : 35 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1428 AH
2007 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Saturday, September 3, 2011 


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محمد حسين مدكورMadkour, Mohamed


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