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Intracellular Cytoskeletal Elements and Cytoskeletons in Bacteria
ناصر الهيكل الدعامي الخلوية وهيكل البكتريا الدعامي
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Abstract : ABSTRACT Within a short period of time after the discovery of bacterial cytoskletons, major progress had been made in areas such as general spatial layout of cytoskeletons, their involvement in a variety of cell functions (shape control, cell division, chromosome segregation, cell motility). This progress was achieved by application of advanced investigation techniques. Homologs of eukaryotic actin, tubulin, and intermediate filaments were found in bacteria; cytoskeletal proteins not closely or not at all related to any of these major cytoskeletal proteins were discovered in a number of bacteria such as Mycoplasmas, Spiroplasmas, Spirochetes, Treponema, Caulobacter. A structural role for bacterial elongation factor Tu was indicated. On the basis of this new thinking, new approaches in biotechnology and new drugs are on the way. Keywords: bacterial cytoskeletons, actin-homologs, tubulin homologs, intermediate filament homologs, EF-Tu , cell shape, motiliy, chromosome segregation, cell division, biotechnology Mohamed H.F. Madkour: obtained his BSc and MSc in Food Science from the Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. He obtained his Dr.Sc. in Food Microbiology, Georg August University Goettingen, Germany. In 1992, he returned to the Ain Shams University where in 2005 he became Professor in Food Science. From 2001 till 2006 he has been Director, Ain Shams University, Faculty of Agriculture, Central Laboratory, Electron Microscope Division, Cairo, Egypt. Since 2007 till now he has been Professor in Food Microbiology and immunocytochemistry in King Abdulaziz Univ., Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid land Agriculture, Environmental Sciences department. He is author and coauthor of numerous original publications. He can be contacted at King Abdulaziz Univ., Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid land Agriculture, Environmental Science department, P.O. Box 80208 – Jeddah – Saudi Arabia; E-mail: 
ISSN : 58 
Journal Name : Science Progress 
Volume : 90 
Issue Number : 2 
Publishing Year : 1428 AH
2007 AD
Article Type : Article 
Added Date : Saturday, September 3, 2011 


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محمد حسين مدكورMadkour, Mohamed


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