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Study on Wastewater in Paper Recycling Plants Case Study
دراسة عن النفايات السائلة بمصانع تدوير الورق "دراسة حالة"
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Abstract : Study on Wastewater in Paper Recycling Plants " Case Study " Mohamed H. Ramadan Riyadh F. A. Halawani Environmental Sciences Dept., Faculty of Meteorology, Environment, and Arid Land Agriculture, King Abdul Aziz University Publisher: Journal of King Abdul Aziz University (Meteorology, Environment, and Arid Land Agriculture), 2010, Vol. (21) Number (2): 267-289 (Arabic Part) Abstract: Paper recycling industry is considered one of the important investment industries, which included in the industrial zone south of Jeddah. This industry generates wastewater that causes a lot of damage when disposed in a non-secure method. The current study aims to study the characteristics of wastewater resulting from the different stages of production and the management methods used with it at one of the paper-recycling industries in the industrial zone, south of Jeddah City, KSA. The results of the field survey showed that the sources of water include the treated effluent from Al-Khumra wastewater treatment plant and the treated effluent emerging from the industrial wastewater treatment plant. The results of the analysis showed that most of the locations wastewater contain low pH; high concentrations of suspended solids, dissolved solids, chemical oxygen demand; and a presence of a significant difference between the concentrations of chemical and biochemical oxygen demands. The results also showed that most of the measured parameters for most of the sites wastewater exceeded PME (Presidency of Metreology and Environment) standards for direct discharge, to the central treatment facilities, or both. The plant follows the various wastewater management options where it used the treatment strategy with the wastewater of the 1st site before disposal, pollution minimization with the 2nd to 6th sites by recycling it, recycling and treatment strategies with the wastewater of the 7th site (wastewater of floating solids removal basin), and disposal strategy with the wastewater of 8th site (wastewater of the aeration basin) by transferring it to be treated by Al-Khumra plant. The study suggested some recommendations. Of these, following pollution prevention with some units that leak pulp, using one of the various ways of waste minimization before wastewater discharge from aeration basin to the central treatment plant, studying the feasibility of discharging the wastewater into the industrial wastewater treatment plant located in south Jeddah, and taking the advantage of using the wastewater emerging from aeration basin rather than disposed of. 
ISSN : 1319-1039 
Journal Name : Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land Agriculture Sciences Journal 
Volume : 21 
Issue Number : 2 
Publishing Year : 1431 AH
2010 AD
Article Type : Article 
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محمد حسن رمضانRamadan, Mohamed


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