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Diabatic heating during the life cycle of a cyclonic system
التسخين غير الذاتي خلال دورة حياة منخفض جوي
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Abstract : Calculations of the diabatic heating have been made using the thermodynamic equation in isobaric coordinates. The horizontal advection of heat is the dominant term during the life cycle of the cyclone. The diabatic cooling is strongly associated with the cold air advected to the computational domain. Throughout the period of study the vertical advection term is working against the adiabatic one. The contributions from the term of local temperature to the diabatic heating changes are very small with respect to all the other terms, the maximum local increase of temperature occurs at the boundary layer on the rainy day. The existence of Mediterranean, Red sea and red sea mountains suggest that the diabatic heating in the lower layer at the rainy day is primarily due to latent heat release. The intensification and movement of the heating and cooling areas coincide with the developing and movement of the cyclone. 
ISSN : 1110-0966 
Journal Name : Faculty of Science - Cairo University 
Volume : 76 
Issue Number : 1 
Publishing Year : 1429 AH
2008 AD
Article Type : Article 
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عبدالرحمن خلف الخلفAL-Khalaf, Abdulrahamn


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