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Effect of Cryotherapy on Reduction of Spasticity
"تأثير العلاج بالثلج علي تقليل زيادة النغم العضلي في الأطفال"
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Abstract : Studies from a survey of the literature, on the application of cryotherapy for reduction of spasticity, have been presented. Physiologic evidence and clinical studies suggest that cryotherapy is an accepted method for temporary relief of spasticity given that conditions of intra-muscular cooling exist. The list of responses which have been valuable for therapeutic purposes are the short-latency and long-latency vasoconstriction period, gamma spindle receptivity alteration, facilitating alpha motor neurons, reduced nerve conduction velocity and decreased conductivity of pain receptors and fibers. Cryotherapy is valuable in preparing the spastic child for subsequent modalities (e.g. neuro-developmental treatment, stretching of tight muscles, etc), provided that physical therapy is performed immediately following it. However, it is clear that a spectrum of behaviors resulted from aggravation of spasticity to a continuing and spontaneous improvement after cryotherapy. This may well reflect the very complex nature of spasticity coupled with the variable nature of the central nervous system lesions as well as uncontrolled variables, associated with the clinical method of cryotherapy application. The physiological effects of cryotherapy depend on various factors. The applied temperature, the duration of application, the ability of tissues to conduct heat and the method of application are the main variables. In order to use cryotherapy effectively, the physical therapist must possess knowledge of the patient’s condition, understand how cold will affect the pathologic condition and establish goals of treatment. The information must be tempered with judgment, regarding the patient’s tolerance to lowered temperature and the availability of cooling modalities. 
Conference Name : Institute of Maternity and Childhood Studies, Ain Shams University 
Duration : From : 1419 AH - To : 1419 AH
From : 1998 AD - To : 1998 AD
Publishing Year : 1419 AH
1998 AD
Number Of Pages : 9 
Article Type : Article 
Conference Place : Cairo - Egypt 
Added Date : Tuesday, July 6, 2010 


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خالد أحمد ممدوحMamdouh, Khaled AhmedResearcherDoctoratekh_mamdouh@live.com
هدى عبد العظيم الطلاويEl-Talawy, Hoda Abdel-AzimInvestigatorDoctorate 
إيمان إبرهيم الحديديEl-Hadidy, Eman IbrahimResearcherDoctorate 

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