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Multi-technical Virological Study of Cytomegalovirus Kinetics in immunocompetent and Immunocompromised Individuals
دراسة متعددة التقنيات لحركية فيروس المضخم للخلايا في الأشخاص ذوي الكفاءة المناعية وذوي النقص المناعي
Subject : Biological sciences 
Document Language : Arabic 
Abstract : Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is a serious pathogen for immunocompromised individuals. The present study aimed at providing the best choice of three laboratory techniques for CMV detection regarding to sensitivity, specificity and time-consumption. Detection of Anti-CMV IgM and IgG, viral load determination by quantitative PCR, and shell-vial tissue culture for CMV antigenaemia.Two-hundred and seventy-eight serum and plasma samples have been collected and categorized into four groups : (I) comprised fifty-two apparently healthy blood donors and kidney donors as a control group,(II) comprised sixty-two end stage renal disease patients,(III) comprised seventy-nine post-kidney transplant patients under immunosuppressive and cytotoxic therapy, as they were subdivided according to their clinical presentation into three subgroups: A, B, C ,(IV) comprised eighty-five patients suffering from chronic renal failure. Results revealed that quantitative PCR detected markedly high viral load (4000 to > 100.00 DNA copy/mL) in sixteen kidney transplant recipients, whom presented with clinical invasive CMV disease 16/16 (100%), while only 4/16 (25%) were detected positive for IgM anti-CMV, another ten patients with symptoms of CMV syndrome were found CMV-PCR positive with low viral (436-3070 copy/mL) and negative IgM anti-CMV. On the other hand, no CMV viral load was detectable among end-stage renal disease patients, although 6/62 (9.7 %) were found positive for IgM anti-CMV. All studied cases and controls were positive for IgG anti-CMV because of the high carrier rate of CMV almost 90%. All 26 positive CMV PCR samples were negative for shell-vial . Based upon these results, quantitative PCR provides very sensitive and reliable assay for early monitoring of CMV active infection in immunocompromised patients. 
Supervisor : Prof. Mansour J. A. Sejiny 
Thesis Type : Master Thesis 
Publishing Year : 1429 AH
2008 AD
Co-Supervisor : Prof. Maha Shehata Qguastei 
Added Date : Wednesday, July 2, 2008 


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سناء غازي العطاسAl-Attas, Sanaa GhaziResearcherMaster 


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