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Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Heart Rate Variability
Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Heart Rate Variability
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Abstract : During the month of Ramada, Muslims worldwide abstain from food and drinks from dawn to sunset. This study aimed to evaluate the modulation of the autonomic nerves on the cardiac activity, reflected by heart rate variability (HRV), during Ramadan fasting compared to the fed state, both in obese and non obese subjects. A sample of 54 healthy volunteers, 17 obese and 37 non obese, aged 21 ± 3 years was selected. HRV analysis was assessed by ECG recording using Power Lab acquisition system (PL). The 1st ECG recording session was done between 10th and 20th of Ramadan 1428 Hijrah and the 2nd recording session done 14 ± 6 weeks after Ramadan. The ECG recording through PL was examined for HR, time domain parameters, namely SDNN and rMSSD, as well as frequency domain parameters, TP, vLF, LF, HF and LF/HF ratio. Results: The non obese subjects showed a significant decrease in HR compared to the fed state after Ramadan. The LF/HF ratio showed a borderline significant decrease to their corresponding values after Ramadan (0.05 < P < 0.1). this decrease in the LF/HF was accompanied by insignificant decrease in the LF waves, indicative of sympathetic activity. The result of the obese subject group showed insignificant decrease in HR compared to their corresponding values in the fed state after Ramadan. The frequency domain parameters showed insignificant decrease in LF waves as well as insignificant increase in HF, indicative of parasympathetic activity, in response to Ramadan fasting. These changes resulted in a significant decrease in LF/HF ratio P < 0.05 in the fasting state compared to the fed state after Ramadan. Conclusion: Fasting Ramadan decreased HR and improved HRV, this improvement was more obvious in the obese subjects group. 
ISSN : 1110-5607 
Volume : 21 
Issue Number : 2 
Publishing Year : 2009 AH
2009 AD
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محمد زاهرZaher, Mohammad Researcher  


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