KAU signed a cooperation agreement with Health Affairs in Saudi National Guard


The university signed a joint collaborative memorandum of understanding (MoU) with National Guard Health Affairs on Monday 12th of February 2018 at the main University campus in Jeddah.

The MoU was signed by university president H.E. Prof. Abdurehman bin Obaid Al youbi and by Chief executive Director of health affairs at the ministry of national guard and president of King Saud university for health sciences H.E. Dr. Bander bin Abdulmohsin Al Kanawy. The signing ceremony was attended by university vice presidents and important figures representing both institutes.

The agreement took place because of the common interests of both parties that continue to work in the same direction, support existing collaboration with government sectors, and value exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise in collaborative fields.

The MoU encompasses fields of common interest between the university and the national guard health affairs in all the medical research fields and diagnostic services to be implemented and conducted via mutual research projects in various related fields.

Based upon this agreement, both parties can begin exchanging consultations of mutual interest with regards to common tasks and activities. They can as well, offer joint technical consultations in medical research, diagnostic services and related scientific domains. They can apply joint national proposals in specialized fields and begin exchanging information and technical data, brochures, certificates and reports with regards to research and diagnostic research for several acquired diseases and cancers.

The university president H.E. Prof. Abdurehman Obaid Alyoubi reaffirmed the importance of this collaborative agreement between King Abdulaziz University and health services at the national guard, considering it as an extension of lengthy experience both institutions enjoy in mutual collaboration. Thus it was possible for everyone from both sides to benefit from the capabilities, human and technical strengths of such relations.

The president further added “the motivation of those that are behind such agreement including leaders and researchers from both institutions that are able to conduct collaborative research projects of national level primarily for the sake of national interest that contributes to patient care, are the ones that will push for the success and the final outcome of this collaborative agreement”.



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