KAU warns everyone against dealing with the "Srbss.org" website which has exploited KAU's logo and name to promote the hosting of a fake conference.

KAU warns all local, regional and international universities, research institutions, researchers and experts against dealing with the fake website "Srbss.org".

This warning has been issued after discovering that this fake website has exploited KAU's official logo to advertise that an (imaginary) conference  would be held at its venue on May 17-18, 2017  under the title: "International Conference on Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities."
The aforementioned site also alleges that the fake conference will be sponsored by the so-called "Royal Saudi Institute for Commercial  & Administrative Studies" which does not exist in Saudi Arabia.

KAU has no knowledge of such a conference; absolutely denies any knowledge of it; and has no role whatsoever in organizing it. 

This fake conference alleges to have set aside awards for research papers ranging from $250 to $600.  It also lists the names of faculty members of international universities in China, the United States, Lebanon, Malaysia, Egypt and India; as well as Dar Al-Hikmah in Jeddah.

KAU hereby asserts that all necessary legal action will be taken to block,  and close that fake website, and bar its links.  Moreover, it has alerted security forces, and contacted the authorities in the country hosting the fake website.  Furthermore, KAU will file a major action lawsuit against the perpetrators.

KAU reiterates its strongest warning to all research and academic institutions and universities against dealing with the aforementioned fake website which has exploited the university's name, so as not to fall victim to any fraud or scam that could result in financial losses.


Last Update
5/17/2017 8:53:27 AM

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