HE KAU President Inaugurates the Deanship of Admission and Registration Strategic Plan for the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision for Education


 On Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, HE KAU President Prof. Abdulrahman Al Youbi launched the strategic plan of the Admission and Registration Deanship for the upcoming three years (2017-2020). In attendance of the event were several KAU head figures, including Vice President for Educational Affairs Prof. Abdullah Al Ziyabi, Vice President for Development Dr. Amin Noaman, Interim Dean of Admission and Registration Dr. Aabed Al Mashaykhi, as well as the strategic plan task team including its vice deans  and unit directors. 

Dr. Amin Noaman delivered a detailed presentation on the strategic plan including its preparation philosophy, objectives, design phases, vision, and mission. Dr. Noaman also illustrated how the strategic plan was designed in consistency within the broader context of the University’s strategic plan to achieve the Kingdom’s 2030 vision for education and national economy development, as well as the strategic objectives of the University’s ambitious plan ‘Taziz’. He also explained the preparation mechanisms for the strategic plan and briefed the attendees on the vision for its development which has been a year in the making, starting with preparing the strategic plan and the components of its progress plan, setting its objectives and programs, to finally preparing a detailed executive operational plan. He then elaborated on the adopted mechanisms in the plan preparation, which involved workshops and meetings as well as questionnaires to users and staff of concerned faculties.

Dr. Noaman presented the plan in terms of vision, message, and objectives; the plan’s vision being encapsulated into establishing a deanship that is leading in admission and registration services and academic guidance as well as in community participation, all in accordance with international standards. Its message is to aim at providing exceptional admission services, meticulous registration, holistic academic guidance, and research-led community gratification. Dr. Noaman also pointed out the basic moral values of the deanship, those being justice, promptness, and accuracy. He then disclosed the five main objectives of the strategic plan: 1) establishing controlled admission and registration techniques 2) introducing holistic academic guidance 3) improving prep-year performance 4) creating a supporting organizational environment 5) investing and exchanging experiences with sister institutions. The inauguration also included a quick presentation of 18 executive programs within the strategic plan which ensure that its objectives will be successfully met. 

HE KAU President Prof. Abdulrahman Al Youbi presented a notion of appreciation and gratitude  in which he thanked Dr. Noaman and the deanship’s strategic plan task team, commending their plan’s coherence with that of the University and with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. He also urged the interim dean of admission and registration and the entire deanship staff to continue with their efforts in bringing this plan to fruition within the indicated timeframe, as it contains programs that will raise the University standards and add quality to its outcomes.



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