Centre of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research Journal (npj Genomic Medicine) has been successfully indexed in PubMed, Thomson Reuters Global Science (WOS) and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) Databases

 Adhering to the mission of the Center of Excellence in Genomics Medicine Research (CEGMR) at King Abdulaziz University (KAU), which always aims at keeping pace with the astonishing progress in the world of human therapeutic medicine, CEGMR is striving at finding human pathogens and their treatment, especially those related to the genetic pathogenesis of human diseases. As an extension to this noble role, CEGMR represented by its Director Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani founded a scientific publishing journal in 2015 in partnership with one of the world's leading scientific publisher, the Nature Publishing Group (NPG), and the journal was named "npj Genomic Medicine". 
CEGMR appointed a high calibre outstanding Editor-in-Chief for the journal, Professor Stephen W. Scherer at The Centre for Applied Genomics, The Hospital for Sick Children, Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning, Toronto, Canada. Professor Scherer is a well-known world-renowned scientist in the field of medical genome research, in particular the genetic variation in the human genome to identify human pathogenesis. Professor Scherer is a highly cited scientist and currently is affiliated with the CEGMR, KAU. 
The appointment of Professor Scherer was followed by appointing seven of the world-renowned Associate Editors, led by Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani, the Director CEGMR. In addition, eighteen of the world's top editors were appointed among them three faculty members at CEGMR. The invitation to submit and publish in the npj Genomic Medicine was opened in late 2015. The total number of the published high-quality articles to date has reached 72 articles. 

It's with a great pleasure of CEGMR and its director Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani to convey the excellent news to the employees of KAU and all the staff members of the research centers of the university that the npj Genomic Medicine has been successfully indexed in the PubMed, the Web of Science by Thomson Reuters (WOS), and the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) databases.
npj Genomic Medicine is now one of the most powerful and influential partner journal of the Nature Publishing Group, and these news is a major achievements that will lead to a significant increase in the journal's citation. With no doubts, these achievements so far will contribute effectively to the Saudi Arabia's leadership in global scientific publishing industry. 
We would like to sincerely congratulate and thank all the members of the editorial team of the journal who worked hard and diligently to reach to these achievements. We also would like to congratulate King Abdulaziz University, whose president Professor Abdulrahman Obaid AI-Youbi, gave unprecedented support to the establishment of this leading journal. We also would like to congratulate the Director of CEGMR Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al Qahtani for his efforts on these great achievements of the journal.
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