Community Jameel Saudi joins hands with (KAU) to help combat Coronaviruses and related diseases

  • Backed by the Community Jameel Saudi, the Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation will provide funding to several research projects.
  • Community Jameel Saudi signs agreements with King Abdulaziz University to promote scientific research and cooperation in various academic and development fields


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, April 20, 2021: Community Jameel Saudi and King Abdulaziz University (KAU ) announced the launch of the Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation (Jameel Fund) in Saudi Arabia to combat COVID-19 and related diseases, including the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The collaboration aims to accelerate the development of clinical solutions to treat a range of infectious diseases in the Gulf region and worldwide.

The Jameel Fund targets several high-impact projects that advance our ability to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat coronaviruses and other infectious diseases. Alongside practical solutions, research articles to be produced out of the collaboration will be reviewed by specialist researchers before they are made available and published for free by both sides. The Jameel Fund for Infectious Disease Research and Innovation will also be supervised by a joint committee comprising representatives from KAU and counterparts from Imperial College London. The fund will support Saudi researchers through many phases, the first of which will be launched in 2021 by supporting the projects of researchers in King Abdulaziz University.

His Excellency Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Obaid Al-Youbi, President of KAU, said: "This agreement is part of the strategic goals of KAU to contribute to developing an environment that stimulates and supports creativity and innovation. KAU also shares the same interest with Community Jameel Saudi for serving the community through remarkable contributions. We thank Community Jameel Saudi for their confidence in the ability of Saudi universities and researchers to combat a set of pressing health challenges in the Gulf region and world."

Hassan Jameel, Vice-Chairman of Community Jameel, said: “This agreement builds on the broad efforts made by the Community Jameel Saudi in developing skills and its commitment to support scientific research and empowering Saudi community and scientists by providing innovation opportunities for a better future. It also aims to strengthen the relationship between the Community Jameel Saudi and KAU and its partners from international institutions such as Imperial College through many programmes that aim to open new research horizons that have a profound impact on enabling Saudi scientists and researchers to find new ways to respond to some urgent health challenges in the Kingdom."

Out of its keenness to create a safe and healthy society, Community Jameel Saudi recently signed several cooperation agreements with King Abdulaziz University to support scientific research focusing on infectious diseases, and also to promote collaboration in various academic and development fields. The agreements also aim to support Saudi researchers at KAU and encourage cooperation with research bodies from inside and outside Saudi Arabia to enhance the quality of scientific research.


About Community Jameel

Established in 2010, Community Jameel Saudi is a foundation aims at supporting and enriching the Saudi communities through five development areas: competency development, women empowerment, community well-being, entrepreneur's advancement, and humanitarian initiatives. These five areas of development share a primary goal: to act as a catalyst to create job opportunities that lead to better lives, thereby keeping the economy thriving across various industries.

Community Jameel Saudi and the Jameel family are currently celebrating three quarters of a century of philanthropy; this journey is marked through the 75 Years / 75 Voices / 75 Stories project, which includes contributions from our partners and constituents.


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