Ninth Meeting of International Advisory Board (IAB-9) 7-8 October 2017, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

 The Ninth Meeting (IAB-9) was inaugurated and opened by H.E. Prof. Abdul Rahman O. Al-Youbi, President of King Abdulaziz University (KAU), on 7 October 2017, and continued till 8 October 2017.  All Vice-Presidents of KAU, the Secretary General of IAB Prof. Adnan H. Zahed and eight IAB members from abroad, attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, H.E. the President, welcomed the IAB members from different European countries, U.S.A., Singapore and Japan.  He wished them all a good time, hoping that the efforts of IAB will lead to effective recommendations that will support and enhance KAU steps towards future, especially, if we keep in mind that all IAB members have deep and accumulated experience in the field of education, how to invest optionally in it and  how to develop it.

Each IAB member coming from abroad presented a scientific paper according to his vision and experience about the theme of the ninth meeting, i.e. ("Optimal Investment of KAU Capabilities in Innovation and Technology Localizing "), in addition to the study prepared by KAU, which was presented by Prof. Ateq  Alghamdi , CEO of Wadi Jeddah.

The phrase ("Optimal Investment of KAU Capabilities") which is mentioned in the title of the theme of the ninth meeting is represented in the following points:

 Optimal Investing of the capabilities of the distinguished scholars of KAU.

 Optimal Investment of the wide experiences of staff members of KAU (each in his field), by doing the best to transfer and convent the results of their scientific researches into profitable products, for both the staff member and the University.

 Investing of the skills and capabilities of KAU students and to utilize these energies positively, through adopting and providing featured and useful activities, which contribute to build the leading figures, which will be able to provide useful services to the society as well as the University.

 To contribute effectively to introducing, marketing and increasing the chances of investing of the KAU experiences and its scholars, and of their cognitive and technological production.

 To configure a motivating environment for initiatives and creativity in all fields.

 Ideal utilizing, taking care of and developing the KAU available potentials.

 Creating suitable chances for KAU ambitious students carrying brilliant thoughts, in order to transfer and convert them into profitable products, and that will help them develop themselves in all fields.

Many topics were discussed in the Meeting, such as:

 The effective ways through which innovation and entrepreneurship can be financed,  that should be carried out by studying the finance of: how to transform experiences into profitable products.

 Studying the effective ways of financing invocation (for KAU scholars and students and the citizens in the local community).  This will contribute to serve the society.

 To find out the ways of financing the graduates who have entrepreneurship thoughts, to let them step forward in their attempts to do their business and projects.

 To find out effective ways to develop the relations between KAU and business sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) that will lead to contribute effectively to highlight on KAU experiences and scholars and their cognitive and technological outputs, marketing for its capabilities and increasing the chances for investments in these fields.

Also, the IAB members discussed:

 The ways and methods of how to transfer and to localize technology and how to convert thoughts into investment projects compatible with the vision of KAU at 2030.  That is by transferring technology for localizing purposes.

 The ways and methods of transforming and converting the scientific theories into investment products, to make them in line with the vision of KSA at 2030.

 To develop and promote the partnerships with the distinguished and prestigious academic and research, local and international institutions.

 To develop the deep relations with the local, regional and international partners.

Prof. Adnan H. Zahed, the Secretary General of the IAB said that the meeting discussed axes and items, with a special concentration on the ideal and optimal investment of KAU capabilities in innovation and technology transfer and localizing.

He continued saying that there are many potentials and recommendations, which IAB has previously achieved, such as:

 To make the name of KAU internationally famous and prestigious, besides supporting and strengthening its cooperation with other distinguished universities and institutions.

 Strengthening KAU's objectives to help achieve its mission and its vision.

 Facilitating the efforts of KAU to get acceptance for its teaching assistants and lecturer in post-graduate studies at distinguished universities, particularly in the fields of medicine.

 Introducing a new academic program in the level of post-graduate studies called ("The International Students Program").



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