The University organizes a workshop on the Arbitration of the teaching profession Code of ethics


HE Prof. Abdulrahman Al Youbi, KAU president sponsored the workshop on the arbitration of the teaching profession code of ethics prepared by the Public Education Evaluation Commission (PEEC). The workshop is organized by Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Chair for Ethics with the cooperation of the PEEC on Wednesday March 30th, 2016 at King Faysal Conference Center.

He also indicated that the professional standards project and teacher licensing provide for the building of professional standards and a testing of licensing adequacy and professional requirements for public education staff. They also contribute to the attainment of the core objective of the PEEC to raise the quality of education and its adequacy through raising the quality of teacher performance and education staff.

He also indicated that the project was launched on January 18th, 2015. The executive plan for the project started with a study of the of the professional standards and the licensing system of the current status at the local and global levels where the project undertook a study of the best global experiences an d practices with cooperation with local concerned companies and establishment.

From his part Dr. Saeed Al Afandi, Prince Naif Chair supervisor indicated that the time plan for the first phase of the project extends onto two years starting with the building of the professional licensing requirements with the project partners. It also includes the foundation of a communication portal with the teachers and opening it for registration as well as the building of teacher's professional standards and acceptance standards and teachers preparation programs.

Dr. Al Afandi added that more than 8500 education specialists contributed with their ideas in building teachers professional standards consisting of all what the teacher knows and what he or she is capable of to become an active and effective  member in his or her profession. The standards describe the distinctive knowledge and experience that allow him or her to practice his or her profession. It also summarizes the methodology of building teachers professional standards in four main points: building national, comprehensive and compatible with the best global experiences in the teaching domain.

The function also included a video presentation about the professionalism project and teacher licensing in addition to the holding of three workshops the first one entitled the arbitration of the teaching profession code of ethics. \the second is about the arbitration of the suggested ethics and the last one about the arbitration of the suggest code framework.



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