Master of Teaching Techniques

General Goal


1.     Preparing national specialists in using and producing teaching techniques and learning resources.


2.     Providing scholars specialized in teaching techniques with the knowledge required for this domain, acquiring them with necessary skills in the field of learning resources centers and school libraries administration.


3.     Preparing well-qualified male and female researchers in field of design and production of learning resources.



Conditions of Admission


1.     Bachelor degree from an educational faculty or a general diploma in education for bachelor degree holders who graduated from other academic faculties.   


2.     Applicant’s accumulative average should at least be “good”.


3.     Applicant should at least achieves (400) scores in TOEFL.


4.     Applicant should attend advanced courses that last for six weeks.


5.     Passing the admission tests provided for this Program.




Number of determined academic course units:

A sum of (42) credit units, distributed as follows:

-         18 credit units for the general courses and educational courses


-         15 credit units for the compulsory major courses


-         6 credit units for the elective major courses


-         3 credit units for the research project.






General and Educational Courses

Compulsory Major Courses

Elective Major Courses

Research project










































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