Higher Diploma in Special Education

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General Objective:

Prepare male and female teachers who specialized in on one of the following the program tracks that include:

-         Giftedness and Talented ness


-         Learning difficulties

-         Mental Retardation

-         Hearing Hindrance

-         Visual Handicap

-         Behavioral Disorders and Autism 

Conditions of Admission:

Bachelor degree in education or general diploma in education provides that the applicant achieve at least “good” as an accumulative average and he/she should pass the personal interview and admission tests required by the program.  


Number of determined academic course units:


(34) Accredited units distributed over three academic semesters.  



     Courses given in Giftedness and Talented ness track


Courses given in Learning Difficulties track


Courses given in Mental Retardation track


 Courses given in Hearing Hindrance track


Courses given in Visual Handicap  track


 Courses given in Behavioral Disorders and Autism  track







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