General Diploma in Education

General Objective

1.     Qualifying university graduates in the field of education and teaching

2.     Educational preparation of the university female graduates

3.     Educational Rehabilitation of female staff members who teach girls

4.     Rehabilitation of female associates educationally and in terms of training.

Conditions of Admission:

1.     Bachelor Degree in the scientific majors and the accumulative average should at least be “good”.

2.     Good conduct and behavior.

3.     Physically and sensationally sound.

4.     Passing the personal interview.


Number of determined academic course units:

(36) Accredited course units distributed over three academic semesters as follows:

- The first two semesters, the students take theoretical study.    
- The third one is practical semester.

General Diploma in Education Subjects   

-         The first academic semester of each year

-         The second academic semester of each year

-         The third academic semester of each year

  Granted certificates:

The scholar is given the General Diploma in Education certificate provides that he/she achieves at least “good” as an accumulative average.

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