Our Services

The Scientific Publishing Center (SPC) presents a number services for King Abdulaziz University (KAU) Employees specially and the local, regional and international community in general. They include the following:
1- Print Publication Request: This service furnishes the determination of the type and description of the print, the excuse for the request, the required service, whether it is publication, design or printing; and also the state of the request; ordinary or quick; in addition to the type and colour of paper and the number print manuscripts, description of print and the required quantity.
2- Onine Business Card: SPC shoulders the issuing of Business Cards for the University Employees electronically. It is requested only to fill in the data on the link availed at the SPC Website for that purpose.
3- Facebook and Twitter: SPC furnishes the social continuance services in order to accept the community suggestions and comments for the purpose of enhancing performance.
4- KAU Mail: This service enables the SPC visitor to reach the KAU mail through the SPC Website.
5- Serach: This link furnishes the visitor with a searching service in the SPC publications like the JKAU articles and different kinds of books.
6- Researches: KAU has deposited all its inside and outside intellectual output, like text-books, reference books, Masters and PhD Theses; in addition to the proceedings of the conferences and workshops, in  its website.  This could all be browsed through The Center Website:

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