About The Scientific Publishing Center

About the Center

     The Scientific Publishing Center is an Executive Body for King Abdulaziz University Scientific Council for all matters relating to scientific publishing and it belongs, administratively, to the Vice-Presidency for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.
   The University has established this Center in 1985 as a university publishing house that undertakes the technical and academic preparation for all its publications and issues, their acquainting and receipt to the beneficiaries through the different distribution channels like gifts, purchases, subscriptions or exchanges.
   The Center is concerned with the publication of the University intellectual Output, in the different information media, according to the international standards for publication that includes editing, documenting and printing.
   The Center publishes the issues that the University Scientific Council decides to release; and all University publishing matters are done according to publication, translation and authorship support guidelines at King Abdulaziz University, that have been issued by the council in 1981 and in addition to the later regulations released by the Council in these matters.

The Center's Statute

It has been issued according to the University Scientific Council Decree No(6) on its tenth meeting dated 3/3/1985. It included seven articles.

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