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Sustainable Development Unit


  • Towards environmental awareness that achieves the numbers of national cadres of students at the Founder University.
  • Proposed text of the vision: Sustainable national development, led by female students at the Founder’s University.


  • Promoting a culture of sustainable development and protecting natural resources. Preparing the female students of Al-Founder University to contribute effectively to achieving sustainable development through extracurricular Raising environmental awareness among female students so that they can contribute to community environmental awareness.
  • Motivating female students’ contribution to national and internal challenges at the university level by adopting solutions and presenting awareness initiatives at the university level as a residential community and after launching into the community.
  • Strengthening the spirit of cooperation and participating in businesses and events that serve female students.
  • Raising the level of female students’ awareness and understanding of the concept of sustainable development and its seventeen goals.
  • Enhancing students’ understanding of the relationship between sustainable development goals and the Kingdom’s visi.2030 Directing and motivating female students to develop and implement effective activities, programs and initiatives that support efforts to achieve sustainable development at the national .7 level. Highlighting the various efforts of the Founder University in achieving sustainable development.


Sustainable Development Unit

development journey, and its features became clear in its strategic directives, which placed it within its current and future plans. As a result, King Abdulaziz University established the Development Unit, with all its interest in promoting the concept and culture of sustainable development in the year 1440 AH, where sustainable development is aimed at raising the level of awareness and understanding . The objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 are presented to students through programs and activities, thereby opening the perceptions that the unit evaluates and linking them with the horizons of students in the field of developing programs and creating initiatives under the umbrella of sustainable development and disseminating them in all sectors of the Founder’s University. The delegation from King Abdulaziz University participated in the Green Saudi Initiative Forum under the patronage of His Highness the Crown Prince, may God protect him. In addition, the Development Unit launched Leadership in Sustainable Environmental Development “Sustainable Student Skills Licence,” and sixty male and female students were accepted within precise and specific criteria and high - quality mechanisms that included Establishing effective and fruitful partnerships and in cooperation with an elite group of specialists to provide the license, which in turn was the key for students to facilitate outputs that qualify them to design programs their access to presenting distinguished projects and and initiatives that promote sustainable environmental development on campus. As a result of its remar

The unit also contributed to the establishment of many activities and programs, such as: the “My Green University” initiative, which aims to increase vegetation cover at the campus level, with the presence of (a number of) male and female students, and the initiative to spread awareness of the efficiency of spending... It included awareness through various channels such as competitions, posters, and courses. q Part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which supports and directs young men and women to exploit their energies towards development. And wait To support the community and enhance the role of women in building society, the “Made with My Own” exhibition was held in its 16th edition, which bears the identity of sustainable development, in line with the vision’s strategy based on building people and developing their environment and society, in addition to supporting programs and activities related to knowledge and skill to promote the concept of sustainable development, financial sustainability and diversity in n We recognize the importance of contributing to preparing a generation that anticipates and achieves the future Sources of income. In view of the Kingdom’s leadership globally, to be a major building block in building the nation’s economy, and to enable the role of youth in general in advancing the wheel of development and to enhance the role of human capital, especially the young group, as they reach.... (the percentage of youth in the Kingdom), and to ensure that the outcomes of King Abdulaziz University are aligned with Vision 2030 initiatives, to spread the culture of supporting small projects among universities and learn about what the exhibition provides in terms of serving young Saudi women and students, to establish the idea of establishing centers and departments similar to the Made With My Own Center and Exhibition in other universities to serve this segment of society and further

The unit also launched the Digital Environmental Challenge, and today, in its fourth edition, it adopts digital solutions, seeking to implement them and support the students’ ideas. The Activities Agency has established partnerships with the aim of enhancing internal and external outcomes with Jeddah Governorate and the third sector, such as orphans, the Tarahum Association, abused women, and the mentally ill, the Research Development Center in the field of environmental development, the Institute of Islamic Economics, and many others, and here we are today reaping these fruits with great impact, praise be to God, as a result of hard work. We hope that the Sustainable Development Unit will grow further, prosper more, and achieve the highest budget standards for our society and our beloved country, and in accordance with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi

Sustainable Development License Programs

Axes: Promoting the culture of sustainability and its impact on the economic, social, financial and environmental

he Digital Environment Challenge Competition and the My University is Green initiative

Human Forum, Environment, Man and Straight Thought Program Axes Spreading the concept of sustainable development among male and female students Digital

Transformation Program (Hassan) Program Axes The impact of digital transformation on sustainable development Value Learning

Hemma Program provides support to male and female students from idea to application

sustainability Unit Activities

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