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Students’ representation within KAU’s governing bodies

As part of KAU’s responsibilities, it is committed to maintain direct communication with students and encourages their engagement in the decision-making processes through their participation in different advisory committees at university, Faculty, and department levels. For example, the Student Advisory Committee is chaired by his Excellency the University President and includes representative male and female students from health, scientific, literary Faculties and from Rabigh branch.


Students are nominated and selected by the Deanship of Student Affairs in coordination with the Faculties. The committee is responsible for identifying students’ needs to achieve their requirements and hopes. Similar advisory committees for postgraduate students, chaired by the Dean of Deanship of Graduate Studies, also exist with definite responsibilities. Additional representation of students exists at Faculties as well as department levels. For example, advisory committees for Faculties/departments are required to include active students as well as alumni members according to the Advisory Committees for Faculties and Institutes policy.


In addition, students at KAU can communicate with official authorities within the university through the Electronic Transaction Submission Service for Students “ERS” system. This service enables users to submit their transaction, upload its relevant attachments electronically, and the competent employee transfers the transaction to the relevant authority. It is possible to inquire about the transaction and track the procedures taken through the student's account. This service contributes to responding to inquiries, academic advising, implementing student requests and preserving their rights in a reliable and documented manner.

ERS Student Guide

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