Deanship of Information Technology

Services of Developing Electronic Administration Department


Documents Electronic Administration (workflow)

It is a system to ensure the workflow of the documents between the University different sectors in an automated way, whether in a successive or parallel method including employees tasks or their

representatives and with the electronic signature, each according to his granted authorizations and according to the administrative applied rules and regulations at the University. This will result in reducing the human mistakes factor in accomplishing transactions. The projects that the University intends to accomplish includes the following:

 Attending conferences
 Holidays
 Follow-ups
 Purchase orders
 Minutes of meetings of University Council/faculty council/Department council


Electronic Archiving:

It is a system to be followed in archiving and indexing several types of files, in addition to studying their recovery rate. The projects that the University intends to accomplish includes the following:

 Centralizing project of archiving the transactions of the Public Administration, higher administration and University sectors.
 Archiving the files of the University associates.


Electronic Services:

Services presented to University associates through ODUS program on the internet, as follows:

 Printing statements
 Inventory inquiries
 Paid salaries inquiries
 Leave balance inquiries for the employees
 Inquiries about employees issued decisions
 Updating and modifying employees data


Administrative Communications:

It is a new system applied at the beginning of the Hijri year 1423, it is entitled with regulating the in and out transactions (internal, external and confidential) between the different University sectors (girls and boys), in addition to the administrative decisions and mail. It is also entitled with regulating the transactions between the University and external

entities, it is characterized by:

 This system is using one number to deal with the entire University, in order to start the transaction and end it with one number.
 It is easy to trace the transaction path and what was accomplished in it.
 Minimizing the huge amount of in and out reference numbers for the transaction.
 The automatic payment for transactions
 Availability of market intelligence, statistics and reports in the system
Recently we started applying the system of sending reports and administrative decisions to the University associates via internet from the University website "Paperless system".

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