Deanship of Information Technology

About the Deanship of Information Technology

The Deanship of information technology was established in 1396 AH _1976 A.D. and it aims at:

  1. improve the quality of electronic services which help in each of the work related to the academic and the administrative area with respect to information.  
  2. provide services to address information to all the different sectors in the university in order to achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide technical consultancy and studies to all sectors.

  • To provide all possible devices, programmes contribute to uses research and educational sectors and employees in the  university.

  • Work on mechanization of all administrative work and finance in the university.

  • To provide programmes and organs necessary to enable all departments to take advantage of a network computer accessories and it accessories.

  • The establishment and development of network computers to serve all the branches of the University at the local level, regional and all their various sectors      

The deanship of Information Technologyy has always been keen prepare highly qualified staff with experience and efficiency on the one hand, and rehabilitation science on the other hand in order to distributing tasks and duties within the departments.


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