Periodicals Department

  The Employees of the Department

Mr. Sameer Felemban
Head, Periodicals Section
Tel.: 6952562

Name Position Extension (6952000)
Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Mirza Arab and foreign journals subscriptions Administrator 61121
Mr. Saeed Karsawi Departments Gift and Exchange administrator 61119
Mr. Abdulallah A S Alsufri Departments Guidance Administrator -
  About the department

  • Provides information services for researchers , graduate students and officials and provide them with articles available in journals.
  • Renew subscriptions for Arab and foreign periodicals.
  • Indexing and recording Arab and foreign periodicals for the Central Library and the branch libraries.
  • Registering or paying the bills of periodicals.
  • Training the libraries section students to use the periodicals departments collection and learn about the measures for securing and maintaining the periodical in the indexing process.
  • Follow the periodicals deficiencies and get in touch with the suppliers to control these deficiencies.
  • Follow the King Abdulaziz University magazines publications and provide the university with copies of them as part of the gift and exchange program in the deanship and within the existing cooperation between local and foreign universities.
  • Renew the subscriptions of newspapers and follow the export of the newspapers to the deanship and the branching libraries.
  • Processing periodicals for binding, and take the measures necessary for binding the periodicals.
  • Receive visiting delegations to the Deanship and familiarize them with the functions and services provided by the department.


  • Supervising the Department and belonging Units administratively and technically.
  • Following up work flow at the department and its development and performing the necessary procedures for that.
  • Presenting the monthly and annual reports for the Department employees.
  • Following up the development of the periodicals groups and pursuing the necessary means for accomplishing this.
  • Following up the training process for the Department employees on the Library Management System, pursuing the entering of periodicals data (indexing) and registering the issues of periodicals that arrive to the Department as subscription or donation.
  • Preparing and answering the Department letters.
  • Preparing the confirmations related to the renewing of the Central Library, Women Students Library and the Library of Women’s Colleges annual subscription in Arabic and Foreign Journals, pursuing the process of paying these subscriptions, organizing the receipts records and pursuing the late journals issues.
  • Preparing the correspondences related to securing newspapers and general Arabic and Foreign Magazines, pursuing their distribution to the Deanship central and branched libraries, coordinating with the Administration of Planning and Budget and the Administration of Contracts and Purchases about the financial allocation and paying importers dues (receipts and monthly abstracts).
  • Preparing the correspondences related to securing the prescription of the Library of King Fahd Medical Research Center in the foreign medical journals and also the correspondences related to the membership of the University Education Development Center with SIDA Society, pursuing the provision of prints and the financial allocation and paying the importers dues.
  • Following up the process of renewing customs clearance and clearance of King Fahd Medical Research Center Library parcels.
  • Participating in the committees inside the Deanship.
  • Following up sending journals to the Women’s Campus Library and collaborating with the Women’s Campus Library to receive them.
  • Overseeing the process of annual inventory of the Arabic and Foreign Journals and contributing in the committee for excluding old newspapers.
  • Informing about the Department needs from the maintenance and technical sides.
  • Supervising and pursuing the work of helping students and training the students of the Information and Library students.
  • Overseeing the shelving of journals, photocopying services and the Department guidance services and assuring their quality.
  • Overseeing the preparation of the lists of the Arabic and Foreign Journals and their annual modernization.


  • Endorsing the vacations of the Department employees.
  • Nominating the Department employees for training courses.
  • Endorsing the tracing form about the missing journals.
  • Endorsing the Department reports and statistics.
  • Deputizing some authorities to some Department employees if the benefit of work justifies that act.


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