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الرسائل العلمية بجامعة الملك عبد
The Employees of the Department

Mr. Abdul-Hamid Alsayed
Head, Special Collections Department
Tel: 6952000 - Ext: 73322 , Mobile: 054639459
Email: Library@kau.edu.sa

Name Position Extension (6952000)
Mr. Ali Alghamdi Manuscripts Curator 61126
Mr. Mansour Gardhah Audiovisual Library Curator 61125
Mr. Abdulmohsin Alallawi Theses Curator 61124

This department includes the followings:

The services presented by this department are:

to ease reaching the above mentioned units. Each unit employee presents what is needed by a researcher for studying or borrowing. They receive new arrivals to the department and transfer them to the Indexing and Classification units to complete the remaining procedures. It also presents other services on microfilms devices, in addition to video devices, display screens and the listening devices for recorded materials.

The Manuscripts Unit

The library now has 5409 manuscript titles and 7810 volumes. Some of them are original and others are photocopies. The followings are the regulations for photocopying the manuscripts in the Library:

Regulations for Photocopying Manuscripts at KAU Library:

A request form for photocopying manuscripts is filled to be studied by the Manuscripts Unit. A KAU Graduate student must bring a letter from the thesis supervisor and endorsed by the college concerned specifying the informational need for the manuscripts and the purpose for photocopying. A researcher who belongs to academic institutions inside and outside the Kingdom must address his/her firm to request photocopying manuscripts, specifying the need of the research to the manuscript, and the purpose for photocopying. KAU Staff Members are exempted from these actions. Other factions must provide evidence of identity, scientific expertise, the need for the manuscript and the purpose of its photocopying; to be submitted to the Dean of Library Affairs to take action on. The scientific institutions who have similar manuscripts should exchange them with KAU; and for the Manuscripts Unit to choose the substitute copies. For those institutions that have not, the matter is submitted to the Dean of Library Affairs. It is mandatory to pay the prescribed photocopying duties; except for those brought by individuals for photocopying and the Manuscripts Unit wishes to acquire a photocopy of them.

The Audiovisual Library Unit

The Deanship has equipped the Audiovisual Library with materials, devices, media and vessels used in the field of scientific, educational and guiding research. Conveyance of information depends on observation and listening through the carrels. The number of audiovisual acquisitions is 2282 matter, and the number of audiovisual devices is 22 sets.

The Distinguished Collections Unit

The geographical location of the University imposes paying special attention to what is published about the Two Holy Mosques and the Red Sea. As a result the Deanship has earmarked two wings for these two subjects: One for the Two Holy Mosques Collections and the other for The Red Sea Collections. The KAU Library is proud of these two collections. All the Deanship abilities have been exploited to develop these two collections to achieve this goal. The acquisitions include:
  • Two Holy Mosques Collections: 1070 materials.
  • Red Sea Collections: 1171 material.
Name of
Maps Article
Two Holy Mosques 600 304 3 11 153 1070
Red Sea 59 535 49 128 400 1171

The Special Libraries Unit

They are the personal libraries which have been offered by their owners to KAU in addition to the volumes of the Holy Mosques and Read Sea Collections. The grand total of the Special Libraries acquisitions reaches 14277 Volumes. The Deanship has earmarked special wings for these libraries and avail them for study.

The Rare Books Unit

A group of rare books that have been printed more than 150 years ago were classified according to the knowledge category and put on shelves. The total number of rare books is estimated at 500 English and Arabic volumes.

The Electronic Archives Unit

The Deanship has secured an electronic archival programme for transferring hand written manuscripts and KAU staff members’ researches, into an automatic system, so as to save them from damage or misuse.

The Microfilms Unit

It includes the microfilms, microcards and microfeesh. It contains 186336 Arabic and foreign language materials. It embraces different resources, like theses, periodicals, articles and reports.

The Scientific Documentation Unit

The unit takes care of information resources and counts the different sides of the cultural, social, economic and political wealth. Umm Alqura newspaper analytical indexes are considered one of the most documentary works performed by the Deanship of Library Affairs.

The Official Prints Unit

It represents a main resource for the activities of the official sectors, and as so considered one of the most important resources of scientific research. They embrace the official manuscripts and documents issued by corporations, ministries, institutions, companies, local, Gulf, Arabic and international banks. These include research reports, annual books, manuals, organizational structure, statistics, laws, regulations and systems.

The Theses Unit

It represents an important class of documents that nurse the researchers in their subjects, as it contains the Masters’ and PhD theses. The unit is estimated to embrace more than 4373 Thesis.

Maps, Atlases and Urban Charts Unit

This unit contains illustrative, geographic, geological and agricultural images, figures , maps , the roads , climate of Arabic and Islamic world cities, in addition to construal and demographical charts of all the cities of the Kingdom.


  • Supervising the Department and belonging Units administratively and technically.
  • Following up work flow at the department and its development and performing the necessary procedures for that.
  • Presenting the monthly and annual reports for the Department employees.
  • Following up the employees in the process of indexing theses and official prints and letters.
  • Following up the employees in the process of entering the stored theses on the electronic archives system.
  • Participating in the inventory and exclusion committee formed normally of the Department employees to exclude the old and damaged governmental United Nations prints.
  • Developing the groups of governmental and theses by following the necessary means to accomplish this.
  • Informing about the Department needs from the maintenance and technical sides.
  • Preparing and answering the Department letters.
  • Participating in the Deanship’s committees.
  • Participating in the inside and outside conferences, symposia and fairs.
  • Following up the Department requests and needs and presenting them to the administration for endorsement.


  • Nominating the Department employees for the training courses.
  • Endorsing the vacations of the Department employees.
  • Deputizing some authorities to some Department employees if the benefit of work justifies that act.


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