Technical Procedures Department

  The Employees of the Department

Mr. Othman Mahmoud Zougari
Head, Technical Procedures Department
Tel: 6952586 Ext.: 52586

Name Position Extension (6952000)
Mr. Zubair Altayeb Indexer 65708
Mr. Mohamed Bazuhair Indexer 61242
Mr. Muslim Algorashi Indexer 61242
Mr. Yahia Alnieami Indexer 61046
Mr. Mohamed Rafeeg Indexer 65708
Mr. Khalid Almetairy Indexer 61242
Mr. Eid Alsullami Indexer 61242
Mr. Mohamed Ashoor Procurement Specialist 61235
Mr. Mohammad Aljehani Procurement 61721
Mr. Ibrahim Barnawi Procurement 61046
The department consisits of the following units:

  About the department

The Department of Technical Procedures is one of the main departments of the Deanship, as it undertakes the preparation and organization of the information resources on shelves; in addition to indexing and classifying the Arabic and English books.

  Procurement Unit

The procurement unit (group development) performes alot of tasks including:
  • Development of the book groups in the Central Library and branch libraries in a balanced manner in all scientific disciplines by obtaining modern books to help the educational process by coordinating with members of the faculty, researchers and students through the deanship's interactive site.
  • Communication with local and Arab and international publishers and follow the latest versions of all disciplines and present it on the deanship site to help faculty members, researchers and students in the selection process.
  • Receive and review requests for books on the deanship's Index and Review the publishers bills and matching the requested books.
  • Processing lists of newly arrived books in various disciplines and display them on the deanship's site .
  • Communicating with the scientific departments of various colleges to identify their needs and provide them where the books and references are requested for individuals and colleges by the deanship's site.

  Indexing and Classification Unit

This unit performs the following:
  • Indexing and classificating the information sources both Arabic foreign using the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
  • Registering the bibliographic data for the information sources within the system for easy access by researchers and students.
  • Training the students of the department of information science and others on the process of cataloging and classification using the (Symphony) system.

  Support Unit

This unit performs alot of supporting jobs such as:
  • Sticking barcodes and labels on books.
  • Stamping the books with the deanship's logo.
  • Sticking the magnatic strip for theft protection.
  • Sorting books by collages and branch libraries.
  • Boxing and processing the books and saving their details before sending them to the branch libraries.


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