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 How to find articles?

 There are four ways you can find journal articles.

 The first way is to search through the databases and find journal articles. This is the most  common and probably the easiest depending upon your subject and how much you already  know about what you are looking for.

 The second way is to search using our electronic journal locator.  If you already know the  title of the journal you would like to search, then this method is the easiest.  You can also  search for articles within journals according to subject. If you have no idea what database  would be best for your search then you might find this method easier. Although the  disadvantage to this method is that you have to search through the journals one at a time  instead of searching many at one time.

 The third way is to do a search using our multiple databases search. This will search more  than one database for your topic at a time and pull up journal articles from all of these. You  do have to be careful though with this option as you will also get results from newspapers  and other sources.

 The fourth way is to do a search with Google Scholar. This can be beneficial but it can be  more time consuming as it will give you quite a few results for articles which we do not  have access to.


 How to Find Databases?

 Do you already know the name the database you are looking for?

 If so, the best way to find the database is to go to the Databases A to Z page.

 If you do not know the name of the database you are looking for, you can browse either  by subject or by type.

 You can also try doing a general search using the search multiple databases box first and  then go to the databases by subject. For most searches, you should be able to try any of the  subject databases and locate the material you are looking for.

 If you need a one on one consultation or further assistance please ask us for help at the  ground floor reference desk or email us your questions.


 How to Find Encyclopedias and Dictionaries?

 The Encyclopedias and Dictionaries in the Central Library are all located in our reference  section. Encyclopedias and Dictionaries cannot be checked out but photocopies may be  made inside the library.

 The library has specialty encyclopedias and dictionaries on many topicsincluding: business, accounting, medical and cultural. You can also find a large selection of      encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference materials on the library website.


 How to Find E-books?

 The King Abdul Aziz University Library offers access to several thousand e-books via our  Net library, Springer Link, SDL and Ask Zed collections. You can access these collections  separately by clicking on the appropriate link. You can also select the search only for  electronic books option from the Acknowledge (search options).

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