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 Welcome to the website of the Department of Structural Geology and Remote Sensing, Faculty of Earth Sciences, King Abdulaziz University. Our programs in structural geology, remote sensing, GIS and other aspects of ancient and neo-tectonics of Earth's crust are among the best in the universities in the region. The faculty members in the department are of highest caliber and have considerable experience particularly in field geology. They are readily and easily approachable and eager to guide and direct their students and geologists who are interested in studying the tectonic setting of  the Arabian-Nubian Shield. The department is a close-knit group of faculty and students that get together several times each term for seminars and informal discussions. Our intimate student-professor collaborations emphasis on field trips, labs and lectures, students prepare for careers in the field of structural geology, tectonics, filed mapping, remote sensing and many other related disciplines. Our graduate students are currently employed as good field structural geologists, researchers, urban planners and teachers. The results of department researches and projects are published in esteem journals and presented in national and international conferences. The department enjoys and offers active mutual collaboration with other earth sciences departments throughout Arabian region and aboard. Moreover, the close links that the department enjoys with Geologic Survey and research organizations in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries have worked out towards elevating the level and quality of students and researches. Please feel free to browse our website for more information. Our Department would be more than happy to receive any comments. Contact us via the chairman e-mail: ashujoon@kau.edu.sa. Thanks for visiting our website and your time is highly appreciated



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