Faculty of Sciences

Overview of Vice-dean of Development

The Vice-deanship of Development at the
Faculty of Science was founded in order to compete up the ambitions of the Top Management at the KAU to develop a set of performance standards and to maximize the academic and professional levels of the students. This Vice-deanship includes three units:

-         Academic Assessment Unit

-         Development and Training Unit

-         Information Technology Unit

Date of Establishment:

Established in 07/11/1425 AH


To have a hand of contribution at the development of both the educational and administrative processes at the Faculty of Science by using up the most modern available techniques in order to elevate up the performance of the Faculty.


-         To elevate the performance of the Faculty throughout both effective training and development in order to reach a positive influence upon the quality of both work and output as per well-structured strategic plans.

-         To attract the most distinct human academic and administrative cadres, and to provide these an appropriate work climate.

-         To abide by the application of the best technologies in all utilities of the Faculty.


1)     Fulfilling the academic standards approved by the concerned national and global bodies.

2)     Attaining the Quality Management System at the Faculty.

3)     Providing training programs for all such cadres as teaching staff, technicians and administrators.

4)     Adopting a five-year development strategic plan, and another long-termed one.

5)     Obtaining the academic approvals for all the scientific departments from the global concerned bodies.

6)     Using up the modern technologies within the educational process at the Faculty.

7)     Providing the most appropriate academic climate for the students.

Units Affiliated:

1)     Academic Assessment Unit

2)     Development and Training Unit

3)     Information Technology Unit





Mr. Ali Ahmad Almozaini

Head Of IT Unit


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