Overview of Vice-deanship of Postgraduate Studies and Academic Research

The Faculty of Science launched the master program in 1980 in both Chemistry and Biology. Then, this program was extended to cover the other departments. The Faculty grants, currently, the degrees of master of Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Biochemistry, and Astronomy. It grants as well the doctoral degree in Biology, Chemistry and Statistics.


Date of Establishment:

Established in 1973/1974




To graduate qualified postgraduate cadres (master and doctorate) with a highly academic level, who are expected to contribute at having the scientific awareness spread and the various sectors in the country, developed? They are expected as well to have scientific researches which can go with the strategic pivots of technology and help thus develop, and as well solve the problems of, the various sectors within the Kingdom.



To have the postgraduate program at the KAU capable to compete up the programs approved by the pioneering universities all over the world, to be additionally at the top positions among such institutions, and lastly to attain a considerable amount of integration among all departments of the
Faculty of Science in order to produce well-planned strategically abundant and valuable researches.






Activating, and as well developing, the Academic Research Unit at the Faculty of Science as per the strategies approved by the Deanship of Academic research, Academic Research Institute, academic research centers at the KAU, and King AbdulAziz City.


2)     Having a line of communication with both public and private institutions, throughout the development units of theirs, in order to solve the problems of, recycle, manufacture, and lastly profitably promote the research products and patents.


3)     Having a registry designed for all graduates in order to preserve a good amount of communication with them in the future.



Units Affiliated:

1)     Postgraduate Studies Unit


2)     Academic research Unit


3)     Scholarship Unit


4)     Joint Supervision Unit




Mr. AbdulMuhsin Ibn Jam'an al-Zahrani

Supervisor of Postgraduate Studies Unit

Ext.: 52299

Muhsin Ibn Omeir al-Harbi

Director of Vice-dean's office

Ext.: 64560

Mr. Khaled Mohammad Abu Nami

Postgraduate Studies Unit

Ext.: 65331

Mr. Ala'a Mufarraj al-Rifa'i

Postgraduate Studies Unit

Ext.: 64560

Mr. Ibrahim Yahia Mubhir

Scholarship Unit, Joint Supervision Unit

Ext.: 65324

Mr. Osama Mahdi Mibhir

Academic Research Unit

Ext.: 65324













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