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Dr.Abdulaziz Salem Mosalam Alofi 


Assistant Professor

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Vice-dean's Letter:


Praise to be for Allah, the Almighty, and both peace and blessing to be upon the most venerable Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.


Dear students, dear visitors, I welcome you all to the website of the Faculty of Science. In fact, the Faculty of Science is one of the pioneering pillars of the KAU, which serves most of the KAU's faculties. The Vice-deanship of the Faculty is committed herein to have the bachelor study plans developed, so the faculty's courses can best fit the labor needs. In sake of this, we provide up the students of ours the most appropriate academic climate. We are entirely preoccupied with having these students to receive such services as academic advice and guidance, and their requirements to be fulfilled via the Academic Affairs. As deemed as one of the most significant entities of the Faculty of Science, which is in turn one of the KAU's essential pillars, the Vice-deanship always seeks to have all the KAU's ambitions attained, so the KAU can be ultimately one of the most pioneering universities either locally, regionally or globally. At last, I pray Allah, the Almighty, to have all those concerned with the service of the KAU and this precious country blessed.



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