Overview of Vice-deanship

The Vice-deanship of the Faculty of Science is in charge with facilitating the Faculty's affairs which are mainly associated with the bachelor students, both academically and student-wise.


Date of Establishment

Established in 1973/1974.



To elevate the bachelor students' academic performance, so the Faculty of Science can be one of the top faculties both nationally and regionally.



To emphasize the basic sciences so as to elevate the performance of students.



1)     Fulfilling the Kingdom's needs of national cadres in all basic sciences.


2)     Designing the study plans as per the labor requirements.


3)     Elevating the students' performance as per the approved development plans.



Units Affiliated:

1)     Educational Affairs Unit


2)     Students' committees


3)     Board's Secretary


4)     General Courses Unit




Mr. Ali Ibn Saeed al-Amri

Director of Vice-dean's office

Ext.: 52281

Mr.Hassan Mohammed Al-Amri

Head of Educational Affairs

Ext.: 52975

Mr. Mohammad Dheifullah al-Maliki

Educational Affairs Unit

Ext.: 65808

Mr. Mohammad Ibn Saleh al-Qarni

Educational Affairs Unit

Ext.: 65808

Mr. Turki Ibn Eidan al-Shamrani

General Courses Unit

Ext.: 65808

Mr. Mohammad Ibn Saeed al-Amri

General Courses Unit

Ext.: 65808


Student Committees

  1.      Islamic Awareness Committee
  2. Cultural and Artistic Committee
































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