Faculty Deanship



Dean's Letter:


Praise to be for Allah, the Almighty, and both peace and blessing to be upon the most venerable Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.

The world has witnessed, during the last decade of the 20th century, along with the current decade of this 21st century, a leap both qualitatively and quantitatively in education techniques. The education has factually leaped from such traditional approaches as lectures to the interactive approach through which students can effectively participate at the given discussions. The usage of personal computer (PC) and, particularly, the web network (i.e. the Internet) had an immense amount of contribution at this aforesaid leap. The Faculty of Science is deemed herein as one of the most pioneering faculties at the KAU. It has initiated to have such technique as 'smart classrooms' implemented, in sake of the global scientific development. A set of goals was then designed as represented by the substantial implementation of development programs to elevate up the performance of such members of the Faculty as the teaching staff, administrators, technicians and students, as going with:

           -   Fulfilling the requirements of the academic standards which are mainly approved

    by both the national and global concerned bodies.

-     Attaining the Quality Management System at the Faculty.

-     Providing training programs for all teaching staff, administrators and technician.

-     Adopting a five-year strategic development plan, and another long-termed one.

-     Using up the modern technologies in the educational process.

-     Attaining, and as well providing, the proper climate for students of bachelor,

    particularly during the basic year.

            -     Focusing upon the quality of outputs to go with the labor needs.

The Faculty seeks as well to activate and develop the academic research schemes in field of postgraduate studies and distinct researches as per the research strategies and techniques approved, and to maximize the extent of global cooperation in a way to have the KAU's mission and goals attained.

At last. I pray Allah, the Almighty, to have all those, concerned with the service of this supreme academic institution and this precious country, blessed, and to have all our students at the



Faculty of Science been of success.




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